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Coimbra Receives UNICAMP Researchers

Published: Friday, 30 September 2016
Prof. Cotroneo's Keynote


The University of Coimbra (UC) is currently receiving four researchers from the University of Campinas (IC-UNICAMP). Alexandre Braga and Leydi Erazo are in their first secondments in the project and will be seconded for, respectively, 1 and 2 months.
Prof. Edmundo Madeira and Carlos Senna are visiting the UC in the context of other transcontinental projects:  EUBra-BIGSEA and SORTS.


Edmundo is a Professor at the IC and coordinator of the Computer Networks Laboratory. Carlos is a Post-Doc researcher of the same laboratory. Alexandre is a PhD student at the Lab. of Security and Cryptography Applied (LASCA) of IC, advised by Prof. Ricardo Dahab. Finally, Leydi is a MSc student advised by Prof. Eliane Martins.



The presence of these researchers is providing the opportunity for “cross-projects” presentations, discussion and cooperation. Several presentations have been organized, to present and discuss the works of the involved researchers and also the advances of the mentioned projects, as follows:


  • Edmundo Madeira, “Estimation of the Available Bandwidth in Inter-Cloud Links for Task Scheduling in Hybrid Clouds”
  • Alexandre Braga, “Mining Cryptography Misuse in Online Forums”
  • Carlos Senna, “Distributed Management of Applications in Fog Environments”
  • Nuno Laranjeiro, “Interoperable Services: Research at the University of Coimbra”
  • Karima Velasquez, “Mechanisms for Latency Reduction in Fog Environments”
  • David Abreu, “Improving the Resilience in the Internet of Things”


During this week, Leydi will also present her work, entitled “Use Cases to State Machine Models for Software Product-Line Testing”, in the regular meetings of the local research group.

During their DEVASSES secondments, both Alexandre and Leydi will also carry on research work together the UC team. Alexandre is currently developing a benchmarking technique that will allow evaluating and comparing static analysis tools that can detect issues in applications that use cryptography. Leydi is currently applying a use-case modelling approach that allows the automatic extraction of a state machine models for a products derived of a software product line.

Prof. Madeira's Audience