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Ítalo Silva starts his Secondment at UC

Published: Monday, 13 April 2015


Ítalo Silva is already at the University of Coimbra (UC) to perform a four-month secondment. Ítalo is a student of the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL) where he just finished his master’s degree working with architecture-centric software development processes, under the supervision of Prof. Patrick Brito and Prof. Baldoino Fonseca.


ítalo at the University (Paço das Escolas)

Ítalo will use this time to work with Prof. Marco Vieira and to get involved with the activity of the local group, which activity is focused on the development of dependable and secure systems. This will allow Ítalo to find new research topics to pursue in the near future, for instance to start a PhD.


The initial secondment presentation, entitled “A decision-making tool to support architectural designs based on Quality Attributes”, is planned for the next week. Among other research activity, the presentation will present a tool that supports young architects in selecting the architectural style to use based on the system requirements and quality attributes. As usual, the presentation will be inserted in the context of the regular seminars of CISUC-SSE group, which attracts local professors, researchers and students.

Cross-project workshop at University of Coimbra

Published: Wednesday, 11 March 2015
Thais at UC


As the University of Coimbra (UC) received the visit of Thais Ussami (from UNICAMP, but currently seconded in UNIFI) and Andrea Rossi (Post-doc at UNIFI), there was the opportunity for presenting the work that both are developing at the University of Florence.


At the same time, UC was receiving visits from researchers of two other European projects: CECRIS and CABRIOLET.


Discussion during the meeting

Prof. Domenico Cotroneo, Fabio Scippacercola and Dario Ricci (University of Naples) and Nuno Silva (Critical Software) were the visitors from the CECRIS project.


On the other hand, Prof. Vecheslav Kharchenko and Prof. Anatoliy Gorbenko (National Aerospace University "KhAI", Kharkiv, Ukraine), and Prof. Yurij Kondratenko (Black Sea State University, Mykolaiv, Ukraine) are visiting UC in the context of the CABRIOLET project.


This created the opportunity for a multi-disciplinary cross-project workshop, which contributed to rich discussions about research activities and potential collaborations. The workshop was organized in the context of the regular seminars of CISUC-SSE group, which attracted the participation of UC professors, researchers and students, with the average audience being above 20 participants.



Feeding the conversation were five talks. Prof. Vecheslav Kharchenko used this opportunity to present the KhAI and the R&D activities that his specific department is developing. The other presentations were more focused on technical material, presenting the work that each has been developing recently. Below follows the complete list of presentations:

  • “ZarzirBird Project: Modeling RPAS Dynamics for Load Stability”, Andrea Rossi
  • “An Analysis of Software Engineering Issues from Aerospace Critical Systems”, Dario Ricci
  • “R&D of Computer Systems and Networks”, Prof. Vecheslav Kharchenko
  • “Using Diversity in Cloud-Based Deployment Environment to Avoid Intrusions", Prof. Anatoliy Gorbenko
  • “Automated test generation in an iterative and incremental environment”, Thais Ussami


The discussions will continue throughout the week, as there are many research activities that are of common interest to the partners represented and there is the opportunity of finding fruitful future collaborations.


Audience Workshop


Baldoino’s Secondment in Coimbra!

Published: Wednesday, 11 February 2015
Baldoino at UC

Baldoíno Fonseca is in Portugal to spend a one-month secondment at the University of Coimbra (UC). Baldoíno comes from the Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL) where he is an Associate Professor and also the coordinator of the UFAL team in the DEVASSES project.

After the introduction of his work during the project’s face-to-face meeting in Florence, Baldoíno moved to Coimbra where he will have further opportunity to find common interests and start collaborations in the context of the project. A presentation is planned in the context of the regular seminars of CISUC-SSE group, in order to present further details on UFAL’s research and also to reach a broader audience of local professors, researchers and students.

The secondment will be important the planning of the future work of researchers to be seconded at the UC (Ítalo Silva) and also the researchers going to UFAL (Nuno Antunes and Cristiana Areias).

With some overlap with the secondment of Regina Moraes, this is also an opportunity to have interesting Transfer of Knowledge presentations and discussions that can be important to find collaboration opportunities between UFAL and UNICAMP, fostering the collaboration between the two research groups.

Finally, during the secondment period there will be opportunity to work on the project deliverables in hands and also search for funding opportunities for the medium/long term.

DEVASSES Researchers Meet in Florence

Published: Friday, 30 January 2015
Night in Florence


The first year of the DEVASSES project is now complete.


The UNIFI hosted a Face-to-Face Meeting in Florence for the project researchers to review the activities of this first year and plan for the future. The review of 2014 was focused on discussing the past and ongoing secondments, the results achieved, and what could be the future improvements.


As usual, the meeting included researchers from all partners of the project. The newcomers presented themselves to the remaining project team, with special focus on the UFAL team that brings new people and expertise to the consortium.


There was the opportunity to advertise the RADIANCE workshop initiative and discuss potential future collaborations, including open project calls. An important part of the meeting was the discussion of the status and the future steps on each of the active Work Packages including the ones that already presented some deliverables and the ones that are on a planning phase.


For the night of the first day of the meeting it was planned a Team-Building dinner that, besides great Tuscan food, included a visit to roof and the great view over the night of Florence (see photo above).


Discussion during the meeting


Strategically spread between the other sessions, there were three sessions of an internal Transfer of Knowledge Workshop with a total 7 presentations. In those sessions, the project researchers showcased their recent and ongoing research work, with 3 of the presentations being on joint initiatives. Bellow follows the titles of the presentations:

  1. Marco Mori, "Dependable Decision-making of Reconfiguration Strategies for Dynamic Service-based Systems", UNIFI
  2. Tommaso Zoppi, "Statistical Software Anomaly Detection", UNIFI
  3. Enrico Schiavone, "Continuous multi-biometric authentication", UNIFI
  4. Leonardo Montecchi, "A UML Profile for Privacy-aware Applications", UNIFI/UNICAMP
  5. Thais Ussami, "Automated test generation in an iterative and incremental environment", UNICAMP/UNIFI
  6. Nuno Antunes, "Using Code Coverage Analysis to Estimate the Quality of Vulnerability Detection Tests", UC / UNICAMP
  7. Nuno Laranjero, "Testing Interoperability of Web Services Frameworks", UC


The DEVASSES team is looking forward to a great 2015!


Enrico presenting