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UNIFI researchers at UFAL

Published: Tuesday, 19 August 2014

The Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL) is nowadays "invaded" by researchers of the University of Florence (UNIFI)!
The group of seconded researchers consists of: Andrea Bondavalli, Andrea Ceccarelli and Leonardo Montecchi.


Andrea Bondavalli is an Associate Professor at the University of Florence where he leads the Resilient Computing Lab. His research activity is focused on safety, security, fault tolerance, evaluation of attributes such as reliability, availability and performability of complex systems and infrastructures. Andrea B. is the Principal Investigator of UNIFI in DEVASSES and will be at UFAL for a 1-month secondment.

Andrea Ceccarelli is a Researcher at the University of Florence, which through years gained experience in design and assessment (especially by testing) of critical systems. His PhD focused the analysis of critical systems through rigorous, reproducible and comparable experimental assessment. Andrea C. will fulfill a 2-months secondment.

Leonardo Montecchi is a Post-Doc research fellow at the University of Florence. His research interests focus on model-based evaluation and model-driven engineering techniques applied to the design and assessment of critical systems, and during his PhD he proposed a methodology and framework for model-driven dependability analysis of critical embedded systems and directions towards systems of systems. Leonardo will be at UFAL for 3-months.


The plans for their secondments include sharing their experience with UFAL researchers and students, with the objective of building collaborations.


A. Bondavalli at UFAL

Secondment Kick-off Workshop

To kick-off the secondments' works, UFAL organized a workshop on August 12 with attendance of local students and professors. Besides a presentation of the UNIFI research group by A. Bondavalli, the presentations of the workshop included: “Online monitoring – A framework for user identity verification” by A. Bondavalli; “Design and security assessment of a protocol for continuous user identity verification” by A. Ceccarelli, presenting recent results on the design and assessment of a continuous authentication protocol for biometric devices; “Model-based evaluation: some challenges and approaches” where L. Montecchi introduced model-based evaluation, providing an overview of three contributions of UNIFI in that field, and also “Dependable and Secure Services: Research at the University of Coimbra” by Nuno Laranjeiro, a researcher from the University of Coimbra, also seconded at UFAL.

Nuno Laranjeiro is at UFAL

Published: Thursday, 31 July 2014

Nuno Laranjeiro is at Maceió, for a one month secondment at Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL). He comes from the University of Coimbra, where he is an Assistant Professor.


His research interests include experimental dependability evaluation of services, including robustness and interoperability assessment.


During the secondment, Nuno will be collaborating with local researchers on the key topics targeted by work package 1 of the project, including project deliverables that are under development.


Plans for the secondment also include the participation in the workshop organized at UFAL with local and other seconded researchers that will arrive in the next few days.

Marco Vieira’s secondment and talk at UNICAMP

Published: Thursday, 24 July 2014

Marco Vieira has arrived to Limeira for a 2-month secondment at the UNICAMP. Marco is an Assistant Professor at the University of Coimbra and is the scientific coordinator of the project.


Taking advantage of the presence of multiple researchers from Portugal in Limeira, the II workshop DEVASSES@FT was held on July 24. During the workshop Marco presented the talk “To BEnchmark or Not To BEnchmark Security“. The workshop included also presentations by other seconded researcher, local students and other visiting researchers. Check the workshop pages for details!


During the secondment, Marco will continue the ongoing work with local researchers including: co-advising Tânia Basso on a reference architecture for data privacy in web applications and co-advising the work of Daniel Vecchiato on assessing the security of mobile devices. The plan also includes lectures on dependability and security evaluation targeting the local students.


Finally, the secondment will allow to search for funding opportunities for the medium/long term and also to work on the organization of the upcoming TOK Workshop and on the definition of the preliminary conceptual framework architecture for the DEVASSES project.

Nuno Antunes is seconded at UNICAMP

Published: Thursday, 17 July 2014

Nuno Antunes is already in Limeira to fulfill a 2-month secondment at the School of Technology (FT) of the UNICAMP.


Antunes at FT-UNICAMP

Nuno is currently a Post-Doc research fellow at the University of Coimbra. His PhD focused the detection of software vulnerabilities in SOA and his research interests include also other security concerns as virtualized environments, embedded systems and benchmarking of security tools.


During the secondment, he will collaborate with Prof. Regina Moraes and her students: Ana Paula, that is already working with Nuno to improve the testing tools proposed during his PhD by including code coverage analysis; and Tânia Basso that is continuing the collaboration started during a past visit to Coimbra focusing techniques to express and enforce personal privacy preferences.


The initial secondment presentation is scheduled for the next week (July 23 to 25) during a workshop that will include presentations by local students and also by researchers from University of Coimbra that will arrive in the next days.