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U. Coimbra researchers at UFAL

Published: Thursday, 22 May 2014

Cristiana Areias is the first project researcher to arrive to Maceió, Alagoas. She arrived in the past May 6 to carry out a 3-month secondment at Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL) .

Cristiana is a teaching assistant at ISEC-IPC and she is also a PhD student at the University of Coimbra under supervision of Prof. Marco Vieira. Her research topic is on Runtime V&V for Business-Critical SOAs. Her current works focus on the application of FMEA techniques for this domain.

Cristiana at UFAL


This secondment represents an important step for the evolution of her works, as at UFAL she will have the opportunity to collaborate with the local researchers with experience in the field. At the same time, her work is an imporant part of for the evolution of the project WP3, that focus precisely on Methods and Tools for Dynamic and Continuous System V&V (R-V&V).


Also visiting UFAL is Nuno Antunes. His goal at UFAL is to actively pursue collaborations with the local researchers, that will be futher developed in the context of the project. Having recently concluded his PhD at the UC in software vulnerability detection in SOAs, his research interests include also other security concerns, as virtualized environments and embedded systems and benchmarking of security tools.


Soon, Cristiana and Nuno will present their work to a broad audience of UFAL Professors and Students during presentations that will be in the context of the UFAL Academic Congress.



First Seconded Researcher

Published: Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The secondments of the project researchers are starting and Jane Sandim Eleutério is the first one!

She arrived in April 13 to Florence and will be seconded in the University of Florence during one month.


Jane is coming from the UNICAMP, where she is a PhD student under the supervision of Prof. Cecilia Rubira. Although she is yet to define the her PhD topic, her research interests include Software Product Lines, Self-Adaptive Systems and Service Oriented Architectures. 


Jane at UniFi

Following the secondment guidelines, she already presented a talk on the work that is being developed at Unicamp on SPL, Self-Adaptive Systems, SOA, and Fault-Tolerance. Additionally, she introduced ArCMAPE project and its architecture, previously developed by another student of Prof. Rubira (Amanda Nascimento, also involved on the project), as she will follow the research line.

There were also presentations by the UNIFI researchers. The first, by Marco Mori focused on "A Software Lifecycle Process For Data-intensive Self-adaptive Systems". Later, Prof. Andrea Bondavalli welcomed Jane with the presentation of the Resilient Computing Lab (RCL) research group, its research topics and members. 


Jane is currently conducting a systematic literature review in Dynamic Software Product Lines, Adaptive Systems and Dependability. One of her goals for this secondment is to understand more about what is being researched and find a direction for her thesis.

Tania Basso's secondment at UNIFI

Published: Wednesday, 16 April 2014


The secondment of Tania Basso at the University of Florence is underway. She arrived at the beginning of the month and will stay for 2 months.


Tania is coming from the State University of Campinas, where she is a PhD student under the supervision of Profs. Mário Jino & Regina Moraes (UNICAMP) and Marco Vieira (UC). Her topic is “A Reference Architecture for Data Privacy in Web Applications” and she is one of the students Co-Advised by researchers of two of the partners of the DEVASSES project.


Today (June 10) she had a talk in which she introduced her topic and presented some of her work to UNIFI researchers. Basically, she presented a reference architecture for the development of web applications and services that are able to protect data privacy in a more complete and standard way from different sources of privacy violation.


During the secondment Tania will collaborate with UNIFI researchers, namely with Leonardo Montecchi. The collaboration will focus on extending UML with constructs capable to describe elements and concepts of such reference architecture, thus facilitating the development of systems enforcing the protection of personal information. Currently she is investigating existing UML profiles that can potentially be extended to include privacy concerns, and trying to define specific scenarios for privacy protection. Additionally she is also getting familiarized with standards adopted in model-driven engineering, as the Meta-Object Facility (MOF).

Official release of the website

Published: Sunday, 30 March 2014

We are happy to announce the Official Release of the DEVASSES project website.

With the end of the Project Logo Contest, the website is complete. This also concludes a preview period that allowed the project researchers to register in the website and suggest modification. The project now includes new features and both for general public and project collaborators, and constitutes an key tool for communication and sharing of resources among the project researchers.

The logo selected in the Contest was presented by a team of UC researchers led by Ivano Irrera, to whom will be awarded the contest prizes. Congratulations to the winners. Here follows a preview of the Logo that was already applied to the website and project documentation:


Project logo!


Follow the project calendar to see upcoming events and contact the project researchers if you are interested in collaborations in this topics.