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Campinas Receives Researchers from Coimbra

Published: Tuesday, 29 March 2016


The University of Campinas (IC-UNICAMP) receives in these days four researchers from the University of Coimbra (UC) to start their secondments: Prof. Marilia Curado and Prof. Edmundo Monteiro, which are in their first secondments in the project, while returning are Prof. Marco Vieira and Nuno Antunes.


Marilia is an Assistant Professor at the UC, where she currently leads the Laboratory of Communications and Telematics (LCT). Her research focuses routing, energy-aware networking, mobility and wireless networks.

Edmundo is a Full Professor at the UC and is also a member of the LCT, where he researches topics related to computer networks and their security, critical infrastructures protection and energy sustainability.


Taking advantage of their presence, a series of presentations were organized in the days of March 21 and 22, and had an audience of professors, researchers and students of the IC-UNICAMP. Marilia presented two talks entitled “Mechanisms for Resilient Video Transmission” and “Group-Communication Mechanisms in Machine-to-Machine Environments”, where she introduced the group and some of the research activity that they have been developing. Edmundo presented a talk on “Mobile Cloud Networking and Critical Infrastructure Protection”. Marco presented a talk on “Practical Evaluation of Intrusion Detection Tools for SQL Injection”, and finally Nuno presented a talk on “Decision Trees for the Detection of Code Smells”.


The secondments also served to continue the ongoing work with the local researchers, including activity of co-advising students, and work on the deliverables of the projects.


During this period was also particularly important to develop activity on other projects that include the participation of the UC and UNICAMP.


The project EUBra-BIGSEA is a H2020 project that started in January and aims at the development of a framework for the support of big data scientific research through the cloud. The UC and UNICAMP are responsible for the security and privacy concerns of the project and had the opportunity to synchronize the status of the works of both teams and plan for future interactions.


The project SORTS is a FCT/CAPES project that started in February and focuses the orchestration of resilient and trustworthy fog services. In the case of this project, the teams used this secondment to organize the Kick Off Meeting of the project in March 23 (photo below).


UC Researchers at IC-UNICAMP

Net Futures 2016 conference

Published: Friday, 11 March 2016


The Net Futures 2016 conference is taking place on 20-21 April 2016 in Brussels.


Net Futures is the annual conference of the Future Internet community. Previously a research-focused conference known as the Future Internet Assembly (FIA) - organized annually in cooperation with the respective EU presidency - Net Futures has become a research and policy conference since the first edition in 2015.


This year, Net Futures 2016 will focus on Future Internet in its broad sense, including policy aspects, looking into current technological achievements and the challenges of a next generation internet.

Pertinent questions that will influence the different sessions are: What is the Internet's impact on new industrial business models? How can it help solve major society challenges? What is its key role in creating an innovative Digital Single Market? What is the impact of the next generation Internet on startups and entrepreneurship?


High-level speakers including Vice-President Andrus Ansip, the Commissioner for Digital Economy & Society Günther H. Oettinger,  and Chief Executives from Ericsson, Telefónica, ETNO and EIT Digital will address the audience during the two plenary sessions.


Registration is now open at the Net Futures 2016 website.

Net Futures 2016 Conference

ToK Workshop and F2F Meeting in Coimbra

Published: Monday, 15 February 2016
All at UC


The DEVASSES ToK Workshop V was held in the University of Coimbra (UC) in February 1-2. It was also time for DEVASSES researchers to meet Face-to-Face, as the project reaches its middle point.


The meeting was particularly interesting to discuss the first half of the project, evaluating and discussing the cooperation works developed, and to determine the improvements necessary to the second half. It was also time to review the status of the working packages of the project and plan towards the tasking that are starting and the deliverables that should be prepared in the future.


Miguel Matos: Scaling a SQL Database

The Transfer of Knowledge Workshop featured a a full slate of presentations headlined by the invited talk by Miguel Matos (HASLabU. Minho), entitled “Scaling a SQL Database” and which focused on the work that is being developed in their group to develop systems based on SQL with extreme horizontal scalability. The presentation set the tone for discussion in terms of large scale data management systems, and their role in the target systems of the project.


There were other 14 presentations by the project members, the majority of which (9) presented works that are fruit of the cooperation between multiple DEVASSES partners. Some presentations served also to introduce new members of the project or to show new ideas for future collaborations. The complete list of presentations can be found here.


The meeting was strategically scheduled to take advantage of ongoing secondments of researchers both in UC (details here and here) and in UNIFI (details here). From this resulted that the workshop had an average attendance superior to 20 researchers, including project members and other UC researchers and students.


There was also the opportunity to present and advertise the second edition of the RADIANCE workshop, discuss improvements and potential similar initiatives. Future collaborations were also discussed, including open and future project calls and Europe-Brazil collaborations.


Wrapping up the first day, there was a Team-Building happy-hour, followed by a calm dinner that featured some of the traditional food from Portugal.


The DEVASSES team enthusiastically looks forward to the second half of the project!


ToK V Audience

Brazilian Researchers are visiting UNIFI

Published: Friday, 12 February 2016
All at UC


Starting from mid January, a group of researchers from Brazil have arrived in Florence to fulfill their secondments in the DEVASSES project. This allowed the start of an intense period of collaboration, as a total of six researchers are currently visiting the Resilient Computing Lab. These secondments are also synchronized with the DEVASSES Face-to-Face meeting and ToK Workshop V, was held in Coimbra in February 1-2.


This marks the first secondments of Federal University of Alagoas (UFAL) researchers to UNIFI. Baldoino Neto is a professor at the UFAL, and will be spending a 1-month secondment in Florence. Finally, Marcus Piancó is a MSc student at UFAL and just arrived for a six-months secondment.

Cecilia Rubira and Ariadne Carvalho are professors at the Institute of Computing - University of Campinas (IC-UNICAMP), are staying for one month. Felipe Gaia and Sheila Venero, both recently started PhDs advised by Cecilia at IC-UNICAMP, will stay for two and three months, respectively.


Multiple seminars were organized to motivate discussions on collaboration topics. Baldoino presented the main topics on which his students are working at UFAL, which involve problems of identification of code smells, refactoring, and how this affects vulnerabilities in the code. Soon, Marcus will present his work on the use of change history to predict software vulnerabilities.


Ariadne presented a work of one of her students on the topic of quality assessment of natural language software requirements, in the domain of space applications. Felipe and Sheila presented an initial proposal for their PhD research. Felipe is focusing on assurance cases in a System of Systems (SoS) context, while Sheila work will focus on the adaptation of workflows in the medical domain.


Keynote speaker photo